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Our goal is to help you grow your brand, reach customers, increase sales, and tell your story without the price-tag of hiring a large marketing firm. Based in Johnson City, Tennessee, we offer made-to-order business support services for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners. Ask us how we can help you grow today.

Communication - it is the foundation of any successful business. A loyal customer base comes not only from delivering a high quality product or service, but also from communicating a clear, consistent message about that product or service. At Unaka Marketing, we can help you to craft every aspect of that message to create an integrated marketing strategy to solidify the loyalty of the customers you already have while expanding your reach.


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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services include Google Adwords, graphic design (both print and digital), email marketing, social media management, and more. We know that not everyone will need all of that, though, so our services are à la carte.

Content Creation

From copywriting to creating infographics: If you provide the subject matter, we’ll do the wordsmithing.

Media Relations

Whether you’re planning an event, releasing a new product, or opening a brand new location, we can draft and distribute your press releases for you so you can concentrate on making sure the event goes off without a hitch.


For startups or companies looking to re-brand, we offer services to help you define your brand. This can include logo design, customer surveys, drafting your brand sheet, or developing your initial marketing strategy.


Unaka Marketing is a small business working for small businesses.

Unaka is passionate about supporting the small businesses and startups that drive our local economies. Based in Johnson City, Unaka’s work is centered in the Tri-Cities region, but is not geographically restricted - businesses beyond the Mountain Empire are encouraged to reach out.

Hi, I’m Kayla Tucker, owner of Unaka Marketing. When I got the chance to work with local entrepreneurs in a straight-out-of-college internship, a passion was ignited within me to help those brave trailblazers realize their dreams. I recognize that hard work and dedication are the core of a strong business, and I want to help those hard workers be successful. Having worked in a variety of business environments including startups, nonprofits, and well-established businesses, I have a wide breadth of experience to offer and the flexibility to meet many needs.

Small business owners do not always have a huge marketing budget, and that’s where Unaka Marketing comes in - I recognize that even though small businesses may not have the budget to support a huge marketing department or an expensive consulting firm, they still sometimes need support. I have designed Unaka Marketing to truly be an a la carte buffet of business support services. For example, if you hate social media but can handle your own press releases, we can develop a cross-platform social media campaign to help you reach your customers without you having to personally update Facebook every day. Or, if you like handling your social media, but despise graphic design, we can help there as well. Whatever gaps your business needs closed, we can probably help. Get in touch today, and let’s make some good happen.

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