Eastern European Prewedding Rituals

Eastern European Prewedding Rituals

There is far more to pre-wedding rituals in Eastern Europe than simply bachelor parties and bridal showers. Their colorful traditions include symbolic present offering, crying, performing, and plenty of consuming.

Armenian Betrothal

Betrothal rites are the traditions a guy and a woman follow polish bride to allow the remainder globe understand they want to be hitched. Today, a person might provide their meant with a band. A man would send his chosen bride some new clothes; she would in turn send him food, such as sugar, butter, and milk in medieval Armenia. The rituals are very different, however the meaning is the identical.

Getting Engaged

Pre-Revolution Russian peasants hosted a formal betrothal party during that your groom would burn off his fiancee’s flax spindle to be able to represent that she’d no further be considered a spinster. […]

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