Gaming Regulator’s Secret Recording Exposes Unsavory Work to Assist Adelson

Gaming Regulator’s Secret Recording Exposes Unsavory Work to Assist Adelson

One of Nevada’s top gaming regulators contacted the FBI after the state’s attorney general, Adam Laxalt, attempted to contact a benefit on behalf of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt had been believed to be wanting to curry favor with the Gaming Control Board on behalf of his big political donor, Sheldon Adelson, owner of Las vegas, nevada Sands.

The Nevada Independent released a transcript on Tuesday of a March 2016 conversation between Gaming Control Board seat AG Burnett and Laxalt, who during the time had been considering a run that is future governor while also facing allegations of ethical compromise.

Burnett recorded the in-person meeting between the two at a Reno coffeehouse because he thought the demand was odd and unsettling. On the guidance of other state officials, Burnett switched the recording over to the FBI soon thereafter, nevertheless the law that is federal agency found no indications of criminal wrongdoing.

Asking for Adelson

The hastily requested coffeehouse chat had been to discuss a high-profile trial that is civil Adelson and his business, Las Vegas Sands. A judge was due to rule in times on a motion that is key a wrongful termination lawsuit by Steven Jacobs, former primary executive of Sands China.

Burnett resisted the suggestion that he should file a brief that is amicus the court, referring to a ‘friend of the court’ legal filing that […]

Men and Women Handle Gambling Addiction Differently, Research Finds

Men and Women Handle Gambling Addiction Differently, Research Finds

Men and women are susceptible to problem gambling. But when addiction hits and the gambler is headed toward very cheap, the 2 sexes differ in how they handle the distress.

A problem that is female can look more noticeably despondent whenever losing, whereas male problem gamblers are more prone to keep their concerns private until lashing out.

That’s based on a study that is new into the Journal of Gambling Studies by researchers during the University of Adelaide, the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC), and Swinburne University of tech in Australia.

‘ Signs of distress tend to be more commonly seen indicators for female patrons,’ says AGRC Manager Anna Thomas, ‘while signs of anger or aggression may be almost certainly going to be observed for males.’

The study looked at information collected in 2 present studies that are large-scale the gambling habits in Australia. Researchers analyzed 1185 video slot players (580 men and 605 women). Of these, 338 showed traits commonly associated with issue gambling.

Gender Disparity

The research unearthed that male and problem that is female exhibited similar indications when their gambling habit ended up being spinning away from control. But they also found that the means problem that is female showed indications of downward spiraling more noticeably than their addictive male counterparts whenever hitting the exact same low points.

Women tended to be ‘more emo […]

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