Massachusetts Casino Repeal Matter Approved by Court

Massachusetts Casino Repeal Matter Approved by Court

Massachusetts State Attorney General Martha Coakley opposed the repeal concern, but says she welcomes allowing the voters to really have a voice on the issue. (Image: Boston Globe)

In Massachusetts, casino companies have faced a few battles to be able to build resorts in the state. There has been town-by-town campaigns to win over local communities, plus in the scenario of the Greater Boston area, a tough competition for just one single license. Now, operators will have one more challenge ahead of those before they can rest simple: a statewide repeal vote that could end casino gambling in Massachusetts before it starts.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that voters will be able to see the casino law repeal question on a November ballot, potentially rolling back a 2011 law that legalized casinos in the state tuesday. That move leaves potential casino operators in an awkward position, as they may get licenses, but maybe not know until later on this year whether they can actually do any such thing with them.

Unanimous Decision Puts Matter on Ballot

The court reached their decision unanimously, pointing out that supporters of the repeal had succeeded in collecting more than enough signatures to place the question on the ballot. The work had been opposed by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, now a Democratic candidate for governor, who rejected the question last year it could violate the property rig […]

Support Dropping for Massachusetts Casinos, Poll Says

Support Dropping for Massachusetts Casinos, Poll Says

Even in the very best of times, the idea of allowing large casino resorts in Massachusetts had been a controversial one. Still, the residents of the state seemed to support the idea generally at minimum until recently. Now, a new poll has shown just how far support for the casino law has fallen.

Anti-casino sentiment is growing throughout Massachusetts. (Image: AP)

According to a poll released this by Suffolk University and the Boston Herald, only 37 percent of Massachusetts voters now support having casinos in the state, while 47 percent oppose the idea (15 percent were undecided) week. That’s a shakeup that is huge the state’s opinion of expanded gambling: as recently as February, 51 per cent of voters said that they were in support of the latest casinos.

Possible Repeal Vote Looms

That view could easily change later this year if the general public’s opinion of the casino law wasn’t considered particularly important in the past. Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court happens to be debating whether a measure to repeal the casino law must be allowed on a ballot that is statewide November, therefore the new numbers recommend that voters might kick the casinos out from the state if provided the possibility.

‘It seems like you’ve possessed a shift that is major opinion because the reality of casinos and the regressive nature of what happens with the placement of casinos in Massachusetts in addition for some of this so […]

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