Lesbian Intercourse: Your 15 Favorite Techniques To Have It

Lesbian Intercourse: Your 15 Favorite Techniques To Have It

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The main concern outsiders appear to have about lesbian intercourse is “What is lesbian intercourse?” Therefore about four years back, you were made by us this diagram:

that is a flowchart on how to inform if you’ve had sex that is lesbian. only a reminder.

However now, women and lady men, we now have a more certain response for you. The info below has been obtained from our Ultimate Lesbian Intercourse Survey, that was finished by over 13,000 queer females. We asked “Which of the tasks is a consistent element of your sex life in the last year?” and had a set of choices, by which they are able to suggest that this is actually part of their sex life in a providing and/or getting capability. The information below reflects the essential answers that are popular by lesbian-identified ladies in relationships (monogamous or non-monogamous).

The Very Best 15 Lesbian Sex Tasks In Order Of Appeal

1. Clitoral Stimulation – 99%

In 1933, Sigmund Freud famously remarked “Elimination of clitoral sex is really a precondition that is necessary the growth of femininity, because it is immature and masculine in its nature.” He had been dead incorrect. […]