Strategies for dating a girl that is british located in america

Strategies for dating a girl that is british located in america

Let me state the most obvious: British dudes are dreamy. If that’s a stereotype, i really hope it is one they’re pleased to keep. When approached me about writing this post, we stated, definitely. It’s hard to resist a man that is british they appear so utterly charming no matter exactly just exactly what, even though they’re cursing. (They actually sound bloody fantastic if they curse.) It’s no key that i enjoy British men (for instance, Sir Paul McCartney is my perfect boyfriend), and I’m obviously one of many. Hooray for Brits!

Exactly what may surprise you is that are particular things men that are british about us, too. I inquired some Uk guys who date American women whatever they love many about non-British women, and had been, shall we state, chuffed, by their reactions. Listed below are 10 things guys that are british love about you!

(needless to say, it ought to be noted that most guys are different — as are women — and results may differ.)

10.) Your accent!

That’s right, the accent adoration is really a street that is two-way. One specific Brit features a fondness for Texan girls. You might think may very well not have even an accent, however you totally do, in addition they believe it is wonderful. Therefore bought it!

9.) Your openness.

Us ladies in specific, are much more available in comparison to their Uk counterparts (especially English girls). […]

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