‘Cash Is Like Sex’ And 24 Other Thought-Provoking Cash Quotes

‘Cash Is Like Sex’ And 24 Other Thought-Provoking Cash Quotes

With this scorching nyc summer time it’s worth remembering that not all words of money wisdom come from today’s business heros, like Yahoo !’s Marissa Mayer, or Microsoft’s Bill Gates or even Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg morning. Some result from article article writers, comedians, or ancient philosophers.

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Knowing that, i’ve put together a listing of 25 idea provoking quotes on cash that i discovered interesting. For the convenience we included where i obtained the knowledge (indirect sources in parentheses.)

I really hope you find these quotes because stimulating as i actually do. Enjoy:

Money is similar to intercourse. It appears a lot more crucial in the event that you dont have. Charles Bukowski (The Hip Pocket help Guide to Offbeat Wisdom.)

Its like muck, bad except to be spread. — Francis Bacon (Its Only Money by Peter Pugh)

I don’t have any money, no resources, no hopes. I will be the happiest guy alive. — Henry Miller (Brainy Quote)

That guy is admired first and foremost males, that is perhaps not impacted by money. — Cicero (Delacortes Dictionary of Quotations)