Ways to get that Loan From the Credit Union

Ways to get that Loan From the Credit Union

In between—you can likely borrow the money you need from a credit union whether you’re looking for a home loan, auto loan, personal loan, or anything. Taking out that loan via a credit union instead of a bank or other standard bank provides you advantages, including low interest as well as other favorable loan terms.

maybe Not sure how to start in terms of getting that loan from the credit union? Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union will help!

Consider the Loan Type

Start with pinpointing the type that is specific of you want to help you explore the terms provided by your credit union. If you’re trying to pay back personal credit card debt, for instance, taking right out your own loan to combine that financial obligation can be your smartest choice. At County Federal, you can expect unsecured loans with prices as little as 9.365% repayment and APR1 terms as much as 48 months. If you’re trying to find a personal credit line, secured loan, mortgage loan, or car loan, we could assist you here too. […]

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