Dealing with doctor assistants: Collaborating while handling dangers

Dealing with doctor assistants: Collaborating while handling dangers

Initially posted April 2016 W16-002-E

Today, about 500 doctor assistants practise in Canada 1 and therefore quantity will probably climb. For doctors, this increase provides more possibility to develop a collaborative working relationship with these health care professionals. These risks can be managed while the current work arrangement between physicians and physician assistants has the potential to expose doctors to certain risks.

Your physician assistant primer

Physician assistants, or PAs, are medical researchers whom look after clients by performing medical acts which have been delegated by a supervising doctor. 2 considering that the 1960s they have worked when you look at the Canadian Armed Forces’ medical system 3 and practise primarily in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Alberta, and Ontario. 4 today

The legislation of PAs varies from province to province and continues to evolve. For instance, in Manitoba and brand new Brunswick, PAs are managed because of the provincial regulatory that is medical (Colleges). In Alberta, the faculty has a register that is voluntary of doctor assistants. […]