Benefits of using separate API and UI servers for online application

Benefits of using separate API and UI servers for online application

At work, we now have a big internal application which has been under development for close to a couple of years now; I’ve just lately joined the project and some associated with the architecture has me slightly perplexed, and so I’m hoping somebody right here provides some advice so I can have an informed discussion with them) before I go out to ask the architects these same questions (.

My apologies if the below is a small long, we would like to make an effort to paint a picture that is g d of the device is before we ask my question

What sort of system is setup is that we’ve one web that is main (asp , AngularJS) which does mostly just aggregates information from many other solutions. So essentially it is a host for an AngularJS application; there clearly was literally one MVC controller that b tstraps the customer part, then almost every other controller is a WebAPI controller.

Calls through the client-side are managed by these controllers, that will be constantly implemented to bins that do nothing but host the Web Application. We now have 4 boxes that are such.

Nevertheless, the telephone calls are then finally routed right through to yet another group of WebAPI applications (typically they are per company area, such as for instance security, consumer data, product data, etc). […]